Paranormal Experience? Coincidence? What do you think?

The following is a true story... It's a story of intrigue, perplexity and frustration along with a lot of sewing, all revolving around a back left pocket button on a pair of jeans.
A couple of months ago, I picked up a pair of jeans at a thrift store. Aside from having a button missing on the back left pocket (important to remember for the sake of the story), the jeans were in great condition. I figured I'd just go to the fabric store, sew on a new button and be done with it. Of course I ended up putting on two brand new pair of buttons in order to have a matching set.
Within a month, I noticed the button on the back left pocket was missing. Hmm, that's odd, I thought, remembering the back left button was missing when I first bought the pair of jeans. I checked the button on the right pocket--it was still firmly in place. I checked the dryer and the washing machine. Nope, not there. I looked in the car and around the house. Nothing.

So I went back to the fabric store a couple of weeks ago and bought two brand new buttons again and once again, sewed them on.

Last night, I pulled the jeans out of the dryer. And guess what? Yep. The button on the back left pocket was missing in action once again. The button on the right, still firmly in place.

I did another check of the dryer and the washing machine and found nothing. To this day, those 2 missing buttons still have not turned up.

At this point, I'm thinking maybe 3 times is a charm and that, perhaps, for whatever reason, this pair of jeans is simply not meant to have a button on the back left pocket.

Coincidence? I'm not so sure. Considering the jeans were used, I'm beginning to wonder as to the history of the jeans and the previous female owner.

I'm completely perplexed on this one. Any ideas (of the intuitive and/or logical kind) would be very appreciated!

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