A Dog With One Thing On Her Mind:


This is what happens when I head outside to take pictures of the garden. I am reminded by the little furry Queen that there are more important things to be engaging in.


Devin said...

Adorable Nina!! BTW Mom and Dad love their new dog-he is a ball of energy I tell you! I am so glad they got it-if I ever learn how to get pics from cell phone to puter I will post pics of the "real" me (not that anyone would want to see that-but I think its better than pretending I am a Buddha;-)and more of my cat and brothers dog and parents new dog-thanks so much from one animal lover to another-all the best!!

nolocontendere said...

That's a cute one!
See you soon.

Mike and Julie said...

Cute picture! I just love my dogs, they are very entertaining to watch.

Nina said...

i'm biased, but yes she is adorable. thank you all for agreeing. : )