Challenging The Conspiracy Theory Nay-Sayers

There are some sites that love to list conspiracy theories and rather than intelligently discuss the issue, rather than bring up facts and information to support their pov, they merely toss around labels such as "wacky" and "conspiracy nut". Here are a few of the supposed wacky conspiracy theories I saw presented tonight on an online search as well as my thoughts on the topic:

1) Reptilian beings are having an influence on our planet.

Apparently folks who can't quite wrap their minds around this concept have not seen the countless ancient cave drawings and symbols, statues and the like around the world that show, beyond a doubt, that reptilian beings have been a part of our lives as humans going back thousands of years. Folks who claim reptile's and other "alien" beings have been interbreeding with the population at large may be on to something as well. Considering 95% of our DNA is of unknown function (most genetists calling it "junk" while some refer to it as "alien") and considering the unusual leap we made in our evolution, plus considering the thousands of stories people have shared about alien abduction and the experimentation that was the result, one really must stop and consider the possibility of this "intervention" instead of dismissing it altogether as some wacky conspirary theory.

2) 9/11 was an inside job or allowed to happen.

Well, given there have been groups of pilots, engineers and physicists who have said the government's version of what happened that fateful day is scientifically unsound and given those towers fell in the exact same way as does a building under controlled demolition and given the cameras at the pentagon were seized only to be released years later yet only showing a split second of the impact of the supposed commercial jet airliner (which is not visible in the released video which makes one wonder why on earth would such a thing not be allowed to be viewed by the public when those 2 planes hitting the twin towers were shown repeatedly) and given Osama was first named chief suspect and given that was later ditched so we could go after Iraq instead and given the FBI doesn't even list Osama as wanted in connection for 9/11 and given the memo's warning of a planned attack by al qaeda whereby planes would be used to fly into buildings and given the passports of two of the hijackers were found in all that rubble and given the passage of the patriot act, a 3500 page document, was passed just weeks later....

3) There is no alien craft at Roswell New Mexico.

If there isn't, why not open it up for the public to see? Why is there interview after interview of folks, ordinary folks and former military personnel, who saw the craft, and/or saw the crash, and/or saw the alien being, many whom were told "talk and you will be disposed of". Why isn't the public allowed to tour this government facility? Why the need to guard it so heavily? Here's a little tidbit for the doubters: When the government wants to cover up something, it's highly likely those doing the questioning and are being dismissed/ignored are likely exposing some or all of the information the government is trying to keep under cover.


Mike and Julie said...

I saw a documentary on 9/11 called "Loose Change" and it brought up some interesting points on what may have happened on that day and the days leading up to the destruction. It does give you food for thought. And I agree about Roswell, if there is nothing to hide then let us see it.

Devin said...

Thanks so very much for this wonderful post Nina!! Its when it gets down to "discussing things" that the naysayers are so very horrible at it -they can deny all they want -especially about sept 11-but if any reasonable person really looks at what happened they will see at the very least that the governments tale is utter hogwash-my opinion is that at the least lets re-open the investigation -the original 9-11 commission was so flawed-we owe it to the almost 3000 who died and their friends and relatives at least!! best to you as always!!

Nina said...

I keep meaning to check out Loose Change. Thank you for the reminder. I saw a documentary called In Plain Site that addressed the events of 9/11. Some of the info was rather kookie I thought, but enough good info. was put forth that it only further gave me doubt about the events of that day. David Icke has done some good work w/this issue as well.

I recall seeing Montel Williams attempting to visit the Roswell gov't facility. They were only allowed to get so close of course. He brought along a camera operator. Military personnel kept a close eye on them, then eventually approched them, telling them to shut off the camera. Like you said, if there's nothing to hide, why the secrecy?

Yes Devin, I agree about reopening the 9/11 investigation. But I am doubtful anything of real truth and significance would happen. Too many things to keep hidden.

Thanks you two for posting your thoughts. : )

Anonymous said...

Hey, some conspiracy theories just sound wacky. That doesn't nessesarily mean they are not valid. I think it depends on how they are presented. I recently read a book called The GH-4 Effect that outlined a government plot to alter your memories and creating a super citizenry. Pretty scary. Makes you kind of question your own identity.