Why is it when someone challenges things such as human-caused global climate change and the legitimacy of Obama's citizenship they are automatically labeled a right-wing nut?

Why is it when someone challenges the previous administration's love affair with war, they're labeled a hippie liberal commie?

Why is it when someone speaks of universal health care, they're labeled a radical socialist?

Why would one of my visitors, when finding my blog, google the question "do food banks take expired food items?" What kind of a question is that and why on earth would you think it's ok to give expired food to the poor? If you wouldn't give it to your family, don't think it's ok to give it to the needy. Take a few dollars, go buy some fresh food and deliver that instead.

Why do most people believe in a god of some sort?

That being said, why do many not believe in the idea of alien craft in the skies and/or other life forms on other planets? (Here's a little goodie: ancient drawings in caves show flying saucer type craft and alien looking beings as being worshipped as gods.)

Why do we smile when we want to cry?

Why do we laugh when we want to scream?

Why do we cover our pain and fear with nasty words?

Why am I asking so many questions?

Why are you reading this?

Why have I been such a bitch lately??


Julie said...

Good question Nina. The last question could apply to me as well. For me the answer would be hormones, lol. Have a nice day.

Devin said...

Great one Nina!! really enjoyed the expired food one what are they thinking -that they are poor they must have different digestive systems!!! also really enjoyed the first few -i think it is very intentional we are divided this way (politics) american poltics are becoming such a joke-have been for a long time -I have a boatload of questions i would like to ask both repubs and demos -I would like to ask Hillary Clinton "Where were you on the day Vince Foster 'killed himself'" and Dick Cheney "Why did you tell off the young military guy on sept 11 who was merely pointing out that a plane was getting very close to Washington DC airspace?" -o these arent exactly in order of importance or anything -Its just that i have so many questions!! I can sympathize with the last one also :-) best to you as always!

Nina said...

ok, well it's good to know i'm not the only one being quite bitchy lately. : )

yeah devin--where exactly was hillary (and hubby) the day foster supposed killed himself? him and so many others? and good ? too for the dark lord. yep, so many questions. hope you're feeling better!

crallspace said...

In answer to the first question:

Why is it when someone challenges things such as human-caused global climate change and the legitimacy of Obama's citizenship they are automatically labeled a right-wing nut?

Because usually that's the case. More often than not when I've heard arguments against man made climate change, it's from those who have zero scientific background or understanding, but for this issue, scientists (as long as they argue climate change is not real) all of a sudden have credibility. Not to mention, the crux of the argument is usually, "let me live as I want, use as much of the Earth's natural resources as I want, and don't dare trying to tell me to slow down or that there are consequences." And though it's not exclusive to Republicans/right wingers, it usually is them making that argument.

As for Obama's citizenship, that has been a desperate attempt by, usually, the right wing, who are looking for ANYthing to use against him. Often, that's the best they muster up, and it's pathetic.

Are you reading the RnR again? Hell with that place. IT is nothing but toxicity and the verbal equivalent of puked up pizza on a curb.

Nina said...

I've read of plenty of scientists (that weren't appointed by gov't w/agendas) around the globe who have challenged the human-caused theory. I first became suspicious of this when I saw, on OPB, a panel of former IPCC scientists who did not agree w/the panel's findings, and as such, were trying to clear their names.

From what I have read, they don't deny climate change nor do they deny we need to stop polluting or change our ways. It's become quite easy for some to make money (while not changing their ways i.e. al gore and friends) and blame the people with this issue. I'm simply sick of the labeling. It adds zero credibility to on-going discussions. And, since when does the left have the answers and credibility and the right none?

When you think about it, if human's are solely to blame and there's this supposed concern put forth by government for us to change our consumption habits, why are companies like Walmart and Montsanto allowed to continue their polluting ways? Montsanto alone is practically destroying the land throughout the globe, making it hostile to sustainable farming. Why don't our politicians curb their gluttonous ways? Why do we continue to solve our differences with weapons that leave environments toxic waste dumps? I mean really, how serious IS this IPCC business? Thinking you and I need to run out and buy CFL bulbs and reducing our consumption habits while those telling US what to do aren't changing their ways should have us ALL questioning this issue.

You know how I feel about Obama. Better than Bush, but my definition of better has an air of apathy to it. Those looking to discredit him just because of his party are ridiculous. I give credence to those who are politically independent, who see the corruption for what it is and who recognize that left or right, both sides are equal in their corruption.

R and R is awful isn't it? I can't make comments because I refuse to give craigslist my phone number, which is for the best. It's toxic poison being put out by maybe a handful of young, likely male, individuals.