A Miracle.

The last couple of weeks, in particular the last 6 days, have been an emotional roller coaster for Mr. Nina and I. But there's very good news at the end of this particular journey.

A little over two weeks ago, our little dog and Mr. N had a near-collision in the kitchen. In trying to avoid my hub, little dog attempted to move quickly on the linoleum. In doing so, she seemed to injure herself for she came running back to my side immediately, shaking and whimpering. I found my husband and asked him what had happened. We decided to watch her and see how she moved around. She seemed fine after a few minutes. We even went for a nice long walk later in the day. The following day, she was showing signs of pain when walking up a step and climbing into her bed. Figuring it was likely a pulled muscle or other soft tissue injury, we decided to wait it out. Well, after a week, she was still showing signs of difficulty. So we took her in to the vet for a full exam, including blood work, urinalysis, and radiographs. At the time, the vet said it appeared to be some hip dysplasia setting in or perhaps a disc issue.

Well, you can imagine our shock and devestation when we returned 4 days later for a consultation and were told (and shown) that a large mass was found next to her spleen. We were horrified. We had options of course, including further testing. But given the location and size and the potential for a rupture as well as the fairly good chance it was not benign, we said "Take it out." So surgery was scheduled for the following Monday morning, first thing.

What a weekend. I did my best to remain calm and centered for our little dog, occupy myself with activity, but inside I was a wreck. As the phrase goes, I was worried sick. However, I was also intent as ever to see to it that she was ok. Somewhere within, I kept hearing "She's ok. She's fine." Was I just telling this to myself for reassurance or did I really somehow know this? I prayed like I haven't prayed in a long time. I was focused. I called upon Archangel Raphael to heal her. (I know some may think such a thing to be foolish. While I'm not religious, I do believe there is a Being of love and light who watches over our animals as protector and healer. For years I've felt that to be the Archangel Raphael and despite my change of belief in spiritual matters, I've held onto this belief.) I put her on prayer lists. I even kept open a book of mandala's I have and had it open to the page which displayed a mandala known for it's healing properties. I also spent time with her, laying my hands on her. Ultimately, I left it up to her to receive the healing.

Monday morning arrived. I was still a wreck inside. Handing her over to people who I knew were going to operate on her, trusting in them that she would be ok, was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I think Mr. Nina and I cried more during those days together than we ever have before.

Well, as they say, life is a mystery. The vet called before he stitched her up to let us know how stumped he was. That large mass he and the radiologist had seen, that had been pointed out to Mr. Nina and myself, was not there. It had disappeared. Vanished. What he did find was 3 little white lesions that had to be biopsied.

Those turned out to be benign.

I'm still amazed. Stunned. Elated! We've now given her the name St. Shilo.

As I spoke with the vet this afternoon, he again said in his 20 plus years as a vet, he's never misdiagnosed a mass. He and the radiologist have spoken at length as to how they both could have done such a thing. He's also never ever seen a mass only to open up an animal and have it not be there. He's calling it a mystery.

I'm calling it a miracle.

(p.s.-her exam showed no hip dysplasia or disc issues but she does have some arthritis in her shoulders and elbows. as far as the original injury, the vet's guessing that to be a muscular injury that will heal on it's own in time. the arthritis in her shoulders explains some of her struggles to jump up on the bed and couch the past year. if that's her only health issue, well we can live with that!! we've had her on joint supplements since she was a puppy and i've bought some turmeric that i will be adding to her food. i'm also looking into homeopathic remedies for pain and arthritis issues. a friend gave me some advice (thank u pugs!) and i also have an excellent book written by a vet on holistic pet care.)


Devin said...

Nina I am so so incredibly happy to hear about your miracle!! they do happen -best to you as always!!

Julie said...

I was wondering why you haven't posted anything in a while, now I know. Blessings to you and to your dog as well. That is truly a miracle.
Take care.

Nina said...

thank you. she's been wearing these little one-piece blue jammies with little pink heart patches to keep from licking/scratching the stitches. she looks so cute--although i don't think she shares the same opinion. i've taken it off a couple of times to shake it out, wash it and comb her.

she wants to run and romp sooo badly. i've taken her for a few short, slow walks--she's pulling that leash hard saying come ON mama let's GO. i am SO happy she's ok!! thank you for posting you two. : )

Pugs in Space said...

Wunnerful story, wunnerful doggie and wunnerful people you all are! Much love!