A Plea To America

This post is about change. It's about changing our concept of what it means to be human. It's about changing how we have been living out in the world. I read a lot of things online about outrage over the banks mishandling of our dollars, over the numbers of jobs being lost, the bailouts, the foreclosures, the credit crunch. And yet, with all of the outrage, the majority of the people are still playing around with old beliefs. In short, people are still clinging to the old archaic system.


Go to that heart place and feeeeeeeeeel. Remember what it's like to look at others through eyes of equality. Remember what it's like to feel free, to be in charge of your life, to feel alive. Remember what it's like to do something new and different.

The term "think outside the box" applies more today than it ever had in our modern history.

For starters (and I say for "starters" because this is only the beginning of a totally new journey of revamping how we live/think/believe/interact with one another), let's start utilizing our innate and oft neglected talents and gifts as a means of making a living for ourselves. While we go through this time of chaos, let us start realizing that a NEW community can be built upon each individual contributing their own gifts and talents as they see fit. And for all that is good in the world and the universe, WE NEED SOMETHING NEW.

Who needs these strip malls? Who needs to live in a town with 15 fast food restaurants, 5 office supply stores and endless big massive chain stores? How about instead we encourage--no, we command--local government and investors to invest in the INDIVIDUAL ENTREPRENEUR? How about instead of building yet another unnecessary store that sells cheap items from China we instead command local government and investors to utilize that space for the creation of indoor/outdoor community gardens and community centers? How about instead of letting all of these buildings remain vacant for ONE MORE MOMENT (nothing gets under my skin more than that absolute atrocity of a usable wasted resource) we command our local government to turn them into free and affordable housing for the homeless and poor?

Let's begin to talk about this thing called "money". Aren't we all tired of how it's been designed to control our lives???? Unless we can devise a system whereby everyone is given an equal amount every month, we need to come up with a system that is not based on money. I know, unpopular. Unheard of. To some, downright unfair.

And yet to those who would say that, I would say "Fine, keep things as they are. I'm looking for something different. Now if you would please step aside and give me the freedom to do just that." You like the current system? Fine. You can have it. I want, I need something different based on my belief system. And as I have long believed, there is never such an event as when only 1 or even 2 individuals share the same belief.

Let's organize. Let's talk. Now. Please, if anything I say resonates with you, don't just simply post a nice little accolade in the comment section. That is not what I'm after. This post is not about ego-stroking. It's me saying I have truly had enough and I wish deeply to speak with others who are like-minded only (there is no room in my heart, no space in my mind and no patience left in my soul to debate any of this or convince the current system worshippers and supporters) about relying on ONE ANOTHER instead of the government and big business and the banks to move us forward.


For starters, if you happen to know of such a forming community, here are some of the skills/gifts/talents offered by my family: gardening, childcare, writing and editing, woodworking, basic home repair and construction, musical composition and performance, dog care/training/homemade dog food and treats, cooking, conflict resolution, sales

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