Hi. My Name Is Oprah. I Tell People How To Get It When I Don't Get It Myself.

If I hear or see one more word of advice from wealthy elitist television personalities telling me how to go without and how to save... Dr. Phil, the man obsessed with the baby making machine while totally not seeing her obvious narcissism and manipulative behavior, who wasted more of television airtime by being on The Doctor's Show today and continuing this b.s. conversation (which btw must be easy to get on a show that employs your son as the Executive Producer, which, btw must be easy to ride on the coattails of your father and land your own damn show in your early 20's) has been running episodes on saving and living with less. And today, yet again, Oprah, thinking she's part of the "regular people", aired a show titled The Living With Less Experiment.

That's sorta like god telling the people of Gaza to do things differently to be safe in that war zone while the SOB resides safely in the world of spirit and energy.

Here's a little experiment for you, Miss O. Call it an "it" gift from me to you. I won't even charge you for it. Can YOU live with only one home? Can YOU live without your chef and cooking staff? Can YOU live without your gardners? Can YOU live without the limo drivers, the housekeepers and the wasteful gala's and evening's out at obscenely overly-priced restaurant's that often offer pretty views overlooking pretty parks that house many of the areas homeless? Can YOU live without having on your show one more god damn pretentious elitist celebrity without putting the celebrity up on some dumb ass pedestal, without going gaga or encouraging the audience to go gaga?

Can you?


We the "regular" people are fed up with folks in your category (from tv pundits to government figureheads) flaunting your wealth while trying to tell us that WE MUST GO WITHOUT.

FUCK YOU. YOU go without and share some of that god damn wealth you've been taking advantage of due to the filtering upwards of that wealth. Tell the already struggling to go without even more? FUCK YOU.

Fuck you.

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crallspace said...

I can't imagine watching even a second of this daytime crap TV. Turn the tube OFF! IT feels much better.

I never thought this would be true for me, but I watch about 90% or more of my "tv" on the computer. On demand, what I want, when I want. No putting up with what's his ass... the screaming salesman... Billy Mays, no Oprah or Opera (soap), none of it.

I also felt a lot better after quitting the Corvallis RnR cold turkey. That made me lose faith in people in this town really quick, as unrepresentative as it is of people, or one would hope.