Internal Ramblings

Just some of the thoughts and observations going through my mind lately.

Dogs are smart. While I've been told they (and all animals) lack a frontal lobe which means they lack the ability to rationalize, question, etc. and hence operate purely on instinct, I have come to the conclusion that this is a load of crap. Dogs really are like people. Some kind of lack the smart gene, others have it oozing from their beings while the rest of us fit somewhere in between. Not that I'm biased (who, ME??), but I happen to believe my dog is one of the smartest I've had the wonderful pleasure of knowing. Take today for example. I was on the phone with my mom when I let our little pooch in from outside. She's still wearing a little spandex t-shirt from her surgery last week. Before she goes outside to relieve herself, I pull it down over her rear pushing her legs through the two end holes. She isn't crazy about this. In fact, she's sent me plenty of signals telling me "WHEN CAN WE TAKE THIS THING OFF PERMANENTLY". However, she's a real sport and seems to know why she has to wear it.

So back to my story. I let her in. She sees I am on the phone and heads to the back of the house. I haven't had a chance to put the t-shirt back on her hind end so I call for her. She is usually a very good listener, certainly when I make it clear I really need her to come to me now. However, this time, she ignored me. In fact, she sat in the bedroom at the end of the hallway, looking at me with a look that said "what" as I said "come here" repeatedly.

Uh huh. Little stinker. She saw I was on the phone. A landline phone that plugs into the wall, which means I am not free to roam (at least not to where she was). Therefore, she figured I would have to put down the phone and come after her. So she decided she'd take her chances that I would opt to stay on the phone and deal with the t-shirt situation later. She was right. That takes some thinking and planning.

Can you take anymore doom and gloom of the current agendas? I can't! I want to be aware but it seems the more aware I am, the more apathetic I feel. It's one thing to be informed and to do the informing, but what good is any of that knowledge without the organization with others and self-empowerment? Winter's left us but I still feel the need for a long winter's nap.

I saw a woman on public access television talking about how she and her spouse bought over 70 acres of land for $60,000 back in the day. Blah blah blah. I had to shut it off. I cannot stand hearing people talk about the days when land was affordable for most everyone. Just once I'd like to hear someone like this offer up an acre for a couple grand. Help out those who have been priced out of the market. Start a new trend instead of following the damn status quo/what the market dictates. For all of the progressives in my area and elsewhere, they sure seem to step out of those progressive shoes when it comes to real estate.

I made some awesome brownies today from scratch. Real chocolate, dark, organic. Real organic butter. Real vanilla. Organic flour. Lots of walnuts. Oh god are they awesome! Very moist inside with a nice crust. Maybe I can let our local co-op sample them and sell them. They really are that good. (and half gone--at least that's the latest from Mr. N)

I need a haircut. Or a thinning out as I call it.

I've had some wild thoughts lately. One about our body's evolving so that there is less waste. Sometimes I think "why must I pee/poop so often??" We arrive to a place where we utilize exactly what the body needs, perhaps even leading to the point where there is little (if any) need for the bladder, the kidney, etc. Personally, I feel we're headed to a point where we realize we don't even need a body and can comfortably come and go (in and out of the body) at whim. I certainly feel that thought within me as a pull, a desire.

Along those lines, I had the thought that perhaps this (seemingly) dark agenda to control us, do us in, etc. has behind it an "alien" intelligence that guides the puppets in government to create situations in order that we may wake up to our potential--or as I call it, remembering who we are and bringing this to the forefront of our human experience. I didn't like that thought for it felt like we're all pawns in some experimental classroom, which in a way I guess we are. However, I certainly don't believe this (if true somehow) to be some requirement--simply an experiment we've fallen prey to. I'm certainly of the belief we have had "alien" intervention over the course of our species evolvement. The questions are: is this intervention of the benevolent kind? malevolent? As a bit of both? Certainly I believe beings of ALL kinds have a mix of both good and bad, with some having agenda's for goodness and others for darkness.


Devin said...

Great post as always Nina! Having been around animals all my life I also believe the "instinct only" thing is a load of crap!! I think I am thinking along a lot of the same lines as you anymore in regards to dark agendas-I can't make up my mind -I think if there were not some good out there -we -humanity would be wiped off the face of the planet already! but who knows? I am certainly keeping my mind open to any and all explanations. Oh-almost forgot-for a look at hidden agendas and motivations I think you would enjoy wise womans latest post at too long in this place when you get a chance to read it. I thought it was interesting enough just for the look at mythology it presented-much less everything else. best as always Nina-I hope you are having a splendid weekend!!

Pugs in Space said...

"Personally, I feel we're headed to a point where we realize we don't even need a body and can comfortably come and go (in and out of the body) at whim. I certainly feel that thought within me as a pull, a desire."

This is 4D in a nutshell! You ready?

Mike and Julie said...

I have to agree about dogs being smart. I know that mine have figured out how to use us humans to get what they want especially our Cocker Lucy. We fall for it everytime, lol. Gotta love them!

Nina said...

it's funny how we can be simply because we encounter some intelligent being that is "different" from us, we somehow assume they're less aware and intelligent than we humans are when i believe their intelligence is simply on a different scale.

i read her blog today devin--thank you for pointing me in that direction. i like how her mind works--how she's always questioning what we call reality.

i haven't a clue if i'm ready for such an event. i mean, how is one to prepare for such a thing other than to train the mind to continually embrace the possibility. relax, trust, let go. i first had this thought back in 1997 reading the celestine prophecy. i found that i believed that we had that potential and felt that growing awareness of such. certainly as time has passed i have a stronger desire to exist on this beautiful planet (and elsewhere as i so choose) and enjoy all there is to enjoy while having the choice: ok, do i wish to be in my body today or not? there's only so much preparation one can do. in the end, it's a leap of faith.

i don't buy into the idea that some outside force will ALLOW this all to happen--but i do believe in the connected consciousness that is awakening to this idea and thus, embracing what has always been available to us. being w/o a body is a state we've all been in (and for some, we have experienced it while asleep in astral travel)--it will just be different in that we will have the ability to do that in THIS reality. that's how i see it.

but then again, this could all simply just be some implanted agenda to divert us away from yet something else. no one can possibly know for certain.

thanks all for stoppin' in! :)

nolocontendere said...

A brownie!
Over here!