I have some things I am wanting to sell on craigslist. However, in a move of stupidity, they decided that in order post anything, one must create an account, which includes providing a phone number for verification. Talk about intrusive and invasive. I avoided doing this for months. Well, I finally caved. We need the cash. So....Upon entering the phone number, a call is immediately placed to the phone whereby a phone access code is given, whereby you then are to enter that code online.

Here's my situation. We own one phone. A land line. We are also on dial-up. That means when I enter our phone number, in order to receive the access code, I must sign off. By the time that is done, the call has already been placed and I must retrieve the code on my voice mail. Sounds easy enough. However, when signing back on again, there is no place in which to enter the access code. All I am directed to is the phone verification page, where I am told to enter my phone number. When I do that, I am told a call has already been placed and to enter the access code on the next page. However, THERE IS NO ICON TO DIRECT YOU TO THIS ELUSIVE NEXT PAGE.

Apparently, Craigslist staff are under the illusion that their users have a cell phone and/or are on high speed internet. They have not planned for the fact that these do not necessarily apply to everyone. I've written these fucking idiots 3 times now, asking for assistance, all to no avail. Apparently I will have to borrow a friend's cell phone in order to get this accomplished.

Ridiculous. Hence my title "hey craiglist, YOU SUCK". If they get back to me I will remove this post. If not, it stays up.


Devin said...

Nina-they really are morons!!! it seems to me that anymore nothing stays the same for more than a frikken day -my yahoo email wants me to download a new explorer -i do not know how to follow people on blogger anymore who are following me -i used to do this automatically as a return favor-now when I see i have a new follower and click on their name-thats it-it doesnt direct me to their blog-so unless they comment I might look stuck up-unless i can get it figured out-good luck with the things you need to sale-have you tried an add on backpage.com-I think this place is a lot slower than craigslist -but it might not have the stupid policy its been awhile so I dont know if its even still around if it is for instance to get to it i would type in phoenixbackpage.com -might be worth a try -best as always and have a great weekend -to your whole family including canine member!!

Nina said...

thanks for the referral devin! i visited and posted one of my items. it was very easy--no need to create an account or give my dang phone number.

yes, things (technically speaking) seem to change daily. gotta update this and that. frig. i want to see a computer and accompanying software for those of us over 35 who weren't brought up in this technical world--simple, easy, no need to change or update things. there's some tasty brownies in it for the person who can accomplish that. :)