Unemployment Stats: The Truth

Don't listen to the bullshit being spewed on television by Obama over how the economy is showing signs of improving.  Don't listen to any of these DC insiders talk about how we saw an increase of jobs last month (whereby approximately 50,000 are for TEMPORARY census workers and thereby cannot be viewed as real job gains).  Don't listen as they blather on about job loss declining (when in reality how many more jobs can this country lose before showing SOME signs of slowing down - that slowing down simply being the result of nothing much less TO lose).  And please don't fall victim to those who say "well at least many people are working part-time or temporary and that's better than nothing", as though a nation of part-timers and temporary workers leads to economic prosperity and recovery.

Instead, look at stats like this for The Truth. 

The days of working your ass off, fierce competiting, rugged individualism and busting your hump every day to make enough to pay the banks to provide a roof for yourself (whether you are a "homeowner" or renter you are working to make the banks rich) must end.  It begins with stopping such mindless chanting and instead, exploring other means of living, where life is truly about living instead of struggling to survive and get by. 

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