President Signs Yet Another Pitiful Jobless Benes Bill

I must admit this is a great way to take advantage of a desperate populace.  Allow a much needed program to lapse, then give the thirsty, (unnecessarily) suffering masses a small glass of water to satisfy them for a couple of months (while, in their totally understandable desperation, these folks give high praise to our learless feaders), only to toss them out into the jungle again once those 2 months are over. 

"WASHINGTON — Just hours after Congress passed an $18 billion bill to restore unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed, President Barack Obama made it the law of the land.  The measure comes as welcome relief to hundreds of thousands of people who lost out on the additional weeks of compensation after exhausting their state-paid benefits. They now will be able to reapply for long-term unemployment benefits and receive those checks retroactively under the legislation."

Please note:  This bill does not include additional tiers, which would add more benefits - something the 99ers have been pushing for.  (The 99ers refers to the long-term unemployed who have exhausted all of their benefits - the maximum being 99 weeks.) 

When you've had over 8 million jobs lost; when the majority of created jobs are in the low-wage service industry; when we failed to have a full recovery from the last "recession"; when we have had decades of, overall, declining wages and outlandish increases in housing, food, education and health care; when you hear the talking media pundits give praise to jumps in the market (which simply means it is being controlled by the rich to give us the illusion that all is well/getting better); when foreclosures took another huge jump last month; when close to 20% of the country is on food stamps (and that does not include the millions who are eligible and either aren't aware they are or are too prideful to apply)...I mean come on now.  How can you possibly think that the economy is slowly improving let alone fantasize it is somehow going to return to the good 'ole days?  Blind wishful thinking that isn't grounded in reality doesn't serve anyone.  Not to say that such a wish isn't impossible as anything is always possible.  As long as the motivation, intention and the realization that things must change at the core are present. 

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