"Frivilous" Lawsuits

Ok, I just had to write up a brief post about this topic as, upon reviewing my latest post on my blog's main page, I see where google had posted an add about ending frivilous medical lawsuits.

Give me a god damn break.

Want to know why medical lawsuits are soaring? 

Newsflash:  We have a gross shortage of doctors in this country (largely due to the cost of malpractice insurance) and this trend is showing no signs of reversing.  Having made contact/friends with those who are either still in the medical system or who once were and got the hell out, I have learned some very interesting tidbits, this shortage of doctors being one.  Doctors, especially those who are part of a medium size to large medical practice, have been pressured for years by money hungry, profit-driven administrators to take on more patients, spend less time with them.  Surgeons are pressured to pack in more surgeries.  This leads to burn out - extreme fatigue - doctors who are simply not capable of performing their duties in the careful, responsible manner in which is necessary.  The real outrage should not be aimed towards the patients themselves but towards the administrators whose sole concern is making money (then feigning "concern" when a patient complains) and towards the malpractice attorneys who get away with charging $450/hour and up and/or, who, upon winning their selected case, take over half of the patients winnings.  The patient, the victim, gets lost along the way in this very corrupt system.  And sometimes, the doctors themselves don't help, especially when they refuse to acknowledge the previous as well as their own ineptness which is by and large due to overworking themselves - sacrificing patient care for the almighty dollar.

I had a medical doctor last week tell me that the United States is becoming a 3rd world nation and much of this is evidenced in the health care system.  Yep.  And Obama Care is gonna fix all that.

Uh huh.

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