It. Is. So. Hot!

103 Tuesday. 108 yesterday. 104 today. Lows around 70, which doesn't occur until after 3am. Running the a/c 24/7 which means the air inside is stuffy, albeit cool. I long for the return of normal temps when we open up the house at night and allow that wonderful, cool, clean ocean air inside.
Today the coast breeze kicked in, dropping the temperature into the 90's late this afternoon, which felt good. I never thought the day would arrive when I could find some excitement over a 90 degree reading.

This is the Northwest. Not the Southwest. We that live in the NW choose it for its mild climate. Northwesterner's don't do well in the heat. We melt. We get pissy and moody. We hibernate inside when the temps climb much above 82. We are strong in many ways. Heat is our weakness.

This is ridiculous. There is nothing more to say.

(pic is a representation of what many of us in the nw have been visualizing this past week)


Mike-Julie said...

It's been 113-115 degrees here with the low in the 90's. Today is a cool down with a high of 108, lol. I have been staying in and trying to keep cool. If I have to go out, I do it early but it is still hot....yikes!

nolocontendere said...

I'm in AZ, in July, and it's pleasant as hell compared to your oven up there. I'm glad you have AC, in the house we lived in it got so hot sometimes I'd wake up with a salt outline around my body.
108! Made much worse with all that air. Up a mile and no matter how hot it gets here it's down to 60 at night.

Nina said...

hello arizona people. it's still in the 90's but evenings have cooled to the 50's and the occasional smell of the coastal breeze greets us in the mornings. this time next week we're to be in the 70's. AAAHHH that 100 degree heat was tough to take.

i don't know how you do it julie. mr. nina and i were getting royally pissy w/one another, being cooped up and all after just 3 days! lol

yeah nolo--when we were relying on cold wet towels to get us to sleep on those occasional no-cool-down nights it was then that we broke down and bought an a/c. been thankful for it ever since!