History Channel Uses The "C" Word: Chemtrails

Mr. N was watching "That's Impossible: Weather Wars" last night on the History Channel. I happened to walk by as I heard the narrator say "chemtrail". What the hell? I thought. Did he just say what I thought he said? Sure enough, there on the television screen was a computer graphic and explanation of a chemtrail. It's purpose, according to the narrator? Control the weather.

Of course it was being presented as something currently in development, something likely to be occurring in the future instead of something that has been going on for over a decade (with weather control technology being employed since the 1950's).

Nonetheless I was a bit surprised to hear the "C" word being used. Perhaps it's part of another brainwashing campaign to slowly get us used to chemtrails as being GOOD for us and GOOD for the planet (the 'ole "we're only doing this for YOUR benefit/we're here to HELP you" mantra), much in the way they're slowly indoctrinating the public to accept a jab in the arm of swine flu vaccine. I mean sure, the History Channel will air the conspiracy stuff, but in the end, the viewer is usually left with thinking "oh that will never happen" or "oh that is something that won't happen in my lifetime" or "totally impossible. conspiracy theory stuff".

Oh well, to those who have brushed off my "chemtrail" explanation for the past few years: Believe me now, jack?

For those interested in watching it in its entirety (something I will be doing), it airs again this Saturday, July 25th at 4pm.


Mike-Julie said...

Thanks for your explaination of "chemtrai". I never heard of that either.

Devin said...

Yes I agree with that one Nina! If they ever have to admit to it-it will be along the lines of we did it cause it is good for you and the planet! scary stuff-thanks for the updates on this subject-best to you and yours as always!!

nolocontendere said...

People who are willfully ignorant of chemtrails or dismiss them as natural apparently never heard of the bill Kucinich submitted to the house in 2001 expressly banning them as atmospheric weapons. How can you ban something that supposedly doesn't exist?

Conan said...


Two weeks ago I heard on a radio that in our country Slovenia they estimate aprox. 100 000 people will get the swine flou in coming months..

An hour later in the midle of the day when I was working outside I noticed in the sky something wery unusual.. The planes were crosing like nuts about 30 of them, 10 km near main capitol city, I checkt the departures and arrivals of the planes and there were only 8 planes supose to fly in that hour..The next two days the planes were flying throue the capitol witch never happens in the same manner..It's strange..

Conan said...

Sorry, and yes they were leaving behind chemtrails spreading..

Nina said...

thank you for sharing your experience conan! those planes were likely military. from what i've read the majority of planes putting down the trails are military, not commercial aircraft.

yes, nolo--in 2001--i also heard of that kucinich amendment a few years ago that he added in to one of the space weapon bills--banning them. he silently withdrew it, likely due to internal pressure.

JazzRoc said...

Someone else drafted Kuchinich's bill, and HE removed "chemtrails" from it.
Chemtrails don't exist.
Contrails behave as "chemtrails" are described in particularly humid conditions in the stratosphere.
The trails ARE caused by normal passenger aircraft in such conditions.
A common attribute of the "chemtrail" movement is a total failure to deal with established atmospheric science.
Any scientist knows that "geo-engineering" is beyond the resources of humanity at present - just as well, because it isn't necessary to use it. The Earth is doing fine, and we haven't (yet) got to a Global Warming "tipping point".
Scientists know that if it ever WERE to be deployed, it wouldn't EVER be done using aircraft to spray the stratosphere.
The "chemtrail" theory is a baseless myth, a harmful meme cast into our society. Its proponents are either ignorant or evil.
Take your pick... which are you?