Harvest Day

While this wasn't my first harvest, it was our first harvest of carrots. This was after they had been cleaned up and the (massive!) tops removed. I gotta admit, I'm pretty proud of myself. This is the first time I've grown carrots and they came out perfectly. I still have several left in the ground. I also threw in some more seeds for a fall harvest. I chose the smaller variety, both for their size (2-3") and for their sweetness. (I also since learned that those little small fingerling carrots you buy in bags at the grocery store are simply regular carrots peeled and sliced down to a small size. True small carrots like the ones I grew are MUCH sweeter. And another lesson for the kiddies: do not buy carrots with the green tops still attached. That only serves to add weight and they also suck up more nutrients from the carrot root.) Our soil has a lot of clay. While I created my own bed for the carrots (top soil, mulch, etc.), I knew that underneath was clay so I didn't want to grow the lengthy variety. Also in the picture is a few leaves of green leaf lettuce and some swiss chard. All was used in a salad for dinner last night. YUM! Something very satisfying in growing your own foods. Friends stopped in last night and took a sampling of the carrots and some cherry tomatoes which are starting to ripen. Thumbs up were given. We also have peas, spinach (which ain't doing so well for some reason), squash, broccoli, beans, strawberries and a variety of herbs growing, most in pots. If we had the space, I'd be growing fruit trees, blueberries, corn and potatoes.


Devin said...

Looks delicious Nina! I commend you for doing this-it may be a good skill to have in coming years-hopefully not -but I think folks are going to learn milk and other food doesn't fall off trees! best to you and yours as always!!

Nina said...

who knows what's comin' down the pike, devin. i certainly don't claim to know such things anymore. but yeah, it is a good skill to have. and so much to learn. i'm still a novice.

Julie said...

Yummy. I have talked with my daughter about us growing most of our own veggies and herbs. After that fruit! I'm not sure about the climate here and will have to check into it. Let us know how the fruit trees, blueberries, corn and potatoes go. Ummmm, blueberries.

nolocontendere said...

Good going, neener. Carrots are so hard to do successfully - small seed, long germination, pests. I could never grow them where we were up there because of the deer.
I'm picking eggplants and peppers today for a sauce.
But you must do potatos up there, the smallest space produces gargantuan quantities!

Nina said...

intuitively i've wanted to grow potatoes for quite awhile so yes, i will do that. we have a huge container w/nothing in it i've been eyeballing--and given what i've read, you can have continual harvests in containers. given the pesticides used in potatoes, plus the GMO factor and the expense of organic....yes, it does make sense to grow my own. yummy on the eggplants!! i'd like to see some pics on your harvest.

your piggy photo cracked me. up. : )