Socialism and Redistributing The Wealth: A Lot Of Ridiculous Hysteria

The more time passes, the more I observe the political scene and all of the people supporting it with a sense of bewilderment. The question I most ask of myself is: Do these people really believe or even hear their own words?

The next question: Do these people even know how to think for themselves?

Socialism. A nasty word to some. And in some ways, I can understand the outcries against. Who wants government to control capital and production? In order to do that in a way that is truly socialistic, it would have to be a fair system where ALL benefit. And are our government representatives enlightened enough to be in charge of such a system?


And yet, when do we ever hear or read such questions or insights? All we hear is caveman speak: "Socialism is evil!"

Perhaps in truth it isn't socialism that is "evil" but rather those who haven't been able to release or even acknowledge the need to release greed and the fear that surrounds it.

Rugged individualism rules. We're only responsible for our own asses. Every man/woman/child for him/herself. And my favorite: the self-made man.

All short-sighted, narrow viewpoints, the last being a blatant lie.

Socialism, according to some, would chip away at these illusions. And yet I ask, is that such an awful thing?

Then there's the whole "redistribution of the wealth" that's being tossed around like a hot potato. It's pointed out, but it isn't handled with any real thoughtful dialogue for any real length of time. Instead it's passed off to the next pundit long before any real consideration is given.

Redistributing the wealth can be a rather scary concept. Imagine all workers who help create wealth for an individual or group of individuals actually get to share in that wealth.

Again, I ask, is that such an awful thing?

We (well, 90% of us) are a religious folk here in America. Let me rephrase that. We claim to be a religious folk. We claim to love Jesus. We claim to worship Jesus. We claim the desire to walk the path of this man, real or myth, God or not. And yet when it comes to these two principles, isn't it obvious by now that those who claim to define wealth distribution and socialism as "evil" and also claim to be a follower of Christ are a bit hypocritical?

Didn't Jesus condemn greed? Didn't he speak out against using others for any means, including financial gain? Didn't he speak frequently on sharing? On prosperity for all?

Which is it going to be for you, Joe and Jane America? You can't have it both ways. You cannot have capitalism the way it is and rugged individualism and be a follower of Christ. You simply cannot.

It's time to make a choice. Greed or love.

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