Political Dribble For Thursday

It's difficult for me to take seriously this election. With the obvious corrupt two-party dominance, with the bogus polling and likelihood of more voter manipulation, how else is one to think?

Of the most comical to me is this Sarah Palin business. While I never did much like Hillary Clinton, as a woman, she is smart. She is well-read and well-spoken. And most importantly, she knows the role of the President and Vice President. Sarah Palin, it seems, doesn't know what her role would be. At least according to the Constitution. Yes, while she has said the VP presides over the Senate, she is under the illusion that the VP has influence over the Senate. She believes the VP has a special set of powers that allow her to influence policy. I'm waiting for someone to photoshop some super hero costume over one of her photos. Women of America: THIS IS NOT THE ROLE MODEL WE FEMALES NEED. You want to get excited about a woman in politics, look to Cynthia McKinney, Green Party candidate.

There are the references to Obama being a terrorist, to his being an Arab, to his being a Muslim. My questions of course are who cares if he were of Arab descent (Constitution says NOTHING about one being EUROPEAN--only one being born in the United States) or a Muslim. It's silly to me when people say "well you don't worship MY god", implying as though there are hundreds of "god's" in the cosmos. Imagine the cause for confusion: Jesus: "oh, hey, Allah, this muslim sent up a prayer and it came to me instead." (hint: maybe there's just one continous ball of energy of which we're all a part of.) And then there's this whole terrorist reference, which is tossed at ANYBODY who speaks out against the government, against the war, against whatever political/social agenda is being presented, when in reality the thinking amongst us knows real terrorism is the individual or group of individuals who seek to strip away the freedoms from others and who seek to impose their will upon others through violent, harmful means.

Sort of changes the spectrum of things when thought of in this manner, doesn't it?

I am going to vote though, if for anything to put out an energy of "regardless of what you criminals opt to do, I'm still putting out a vote of conscience anyway". Some may say it won't count, but that depends upon how you look at it. Knowing how my candidate doesn't stand a chance of being elected (largely due to the fear and apathy of our society), I still know I am making a stand for what I believe in and in that way, my vote does count. It counts to me and that is what matters most to me at the end of the day.


Going Rental said...

Nice to see you back. Thought I'd read comments from you on the two articles on Schoning/Bula in the GT the past 2 Sundays

Nina said...

I was going to but decided against it. I figured I helped get the ball rolling in my own way and for now, it's up to those who have actually had dealings w/the Schonings to take that ball and run with it in search of justice.