Who Are The Top 1%?

I recently heard where one of the Occupiers asked Michael Moore if he would be willing to give someone in need a million dollars.  Afterall, the guy really is one of the top 1% - certainly one of the super rich.  Last I heard, Mikey had refused to comment.  Makes one think of all these media and celebrity types speaking out in favor of the Occupy Wallstreet movement.  Uh, so let me get this straight.  The Occupy movement is about redistributing the wealth - at least that is what the primary focus is - the hoarding of the wealth from the rest of us to the upper echelon's.  And yet we have these ultra wealthy individuals, who only seem to favor an increase in taxes on their income as a means of offering up more of their income.  In truth, who really needs a multi-million dollar salary or a hundred million or even billion dollar networth?  NO ONE.  Not that the idea is inherently evil.  I just take issue with people who have a stockpile of money they will never use and don't need, all of which would be much better utilized helping rebuild our economy (i.e. through donating funds to help folks get into a home, return to school, rebuild the infrastructure, help someone start their own business, etc. etc.).  My beef comes in when they think they're like those people who are protesting when NOT ONE OF THEM knows what it's like to be struggling and poor in today's economy.  Many of them never have known such struggles as an adult.  And while I realize that some of these folks may have come from poor or working class backgrounds during their youth and younger years, to that I say "big whoop".  Being poor at 10 or 22 is vastly different than being poor at 40 or 50 - especially when the income drop comes suddenly after years of working your ass off.  And MOST ESPECIALLY in today's economic climate of hyper inflation.  The dollar goes oh so far less today than it did 20, 30 years ago.

Anyway, click on the link below for the top 1%. 


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