Baby Baby Baby!

Mr. N and I welcomed our little girl into the world 2 weeks ago.  She's beautiful (looks a lot like her mama so of course she's beautiful) and healthy and just perfect.  Labor and delivery was an awesome, surreal experience.  It went as planned - a la natural with no medical intervening.  22 hours of labor and 1 hr 45 minutes of pushing.  Hurt like hell at times but it's a weird sort of "pain".  Nature has a way of making us women forget the pain.  Physically I am doing well - healing and resting.  Breastfeeding causes the pregnancy belly to disappear quite quickly.  It's the lack of sleep that is hard to get used to.  Don't think one ever does "get used to" it, frankly.  Never thought I'd feel a love like this.  It's overpowering at times - something you don't have any control over.  Life has totally changed direction for us - new focus for certain.  She is, quite literally, the center of our little Universe.  As such, blogging is at the bottom of the priority list for the foreseeable future.  And that's ok by this new mama.


Julie said...

Congrats on your new bundle of joy!

nolocontendere said...

Congratulations Mrs and Mr Nina!
I'm glad to hear everything went fine but I was confident you guys took good care so that would happen.
Any thoughts about names?

Nina said...

t/y. : )

drop me an e-mail if you want to know her name (privacy reasons - i am not sharing her name on this blog). we had it picked out last november. i can also zap you a photo as well.